The Best Knife Sharpener- Why You Need an Electric Sharpener

Getting the best knife sharpener can take time and a bit of research but if you do it well, you will get a sharpener that works efficiently and end up saving both time and money in the end. Ensuring that your knife remains sharp is not an easy thing if you lack the right sharpener.

Thankfully, with the many tools in the market, you should find it easy choosing the best knife sharpener. You can opt for a manual or an electric sharpener based on what you need.

Remember, the main goal of any sharpener is to make the knife sharp hence it’s advisable to compare various brands before settling on one.

Electric knife sharpeners

Although it’s easy to use electric knife sharpeners, sometimes they can make a lot of noise. You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy a sharpener but if you value your knives and want to maintain them in good shape, be ready to spend more for them.

Typically, electric sharpeners are rectangular in shape and come with three slots for the blades. Previously, these sharpeners could almost devour the metal out of the knife but thanks to the improved technology this is no longer the case.

Nowadays, electric sharpeners use small diamond plates and you only need to put the knife between the plate without having to waste time looking for the best angle.

The other good thing about them is that you only need to turn them on for the process to start. When you decide to choose an electric sharpener instead of a manual one you have a lot less work to do to ensure that you sharpen your knife well.

More so, these sharpeners work best on kitchen knives than any other knives. Although kitchen knives without bolsters can be used on electric sharpeners, avoid using chef’s knife because it can be absolutely ruined because its bolsters won’t pass through the sharpeners tool. When it comes to the price, you get value for your money.

For a good electric sharpener, you can pay anything from $20 to $150 depending on the quality that you are looking for.

Choosing the best knife sharpener

Selecting the best electric sharpener is something that you must learn quickly. Avoid settling for just any sharpener. Here are the top 2 best electric knife sharpeners


1. Presto Eversharp Electric Sharpener

This is one sharpener that is perfect for the home. If you wish to get the best in a machine then choose this sharpener. This machine is automated hence it can sharpen the knife exactly to your specified needs.

Since it offers a concise and precision guiding system, you will find out that the sharpening process is not a guess work. It also ensures that the knife is well pace every time you are sharpening. This not only makes it safe but also convenient to use.

2. Wusthof 3 Stage Electric Sharpener

If your kitchen knives are not giving you the best service, maybe you need to choose this machine. This electric sharpener not only sharpens remarkably well but also works consistently well to ensure that you get the desired results.

Interestingly, it simultaneously sharpens both sides of the knife. Regardless of the kind of knife that you have, this tool can sharpen virtually any kind of knife. Although its price is a little bit high, it’s multi-use, multi-purpose electric sharpener.

Wrap up

When looking for the best knife sharpener, the first thing to consider is whether you need a manual sharpener or an electric. Next, you need to look at the features and the prices. However, whatever brand you choose, ensure that it’s an investment that is worth your money. This is very important when you are getting to know the best knife sharpener.

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