Humidifier and Cough

In this article we are looking at humidifier and cough. As always, we will define the keywords of this text HUMIDIFIER AND COUGHor topic as it may be:

Humidifier: This is a device that is used to increase/regulate the humidity (moist of water) in the air.

Cough: A sudden usually noisy expulsion of air from the lungs often involuntary. At times cough is caused by dry throat (humidity related) or infection.

A humidifier moistens the throat and looses secretion around the lungs so they could easily be coughed out. So the next time you find yourself suffering from a cough, your doctor may recommend that you use a humidifier.

Humidifiers are relatively inexpensive and a safe and naturally aided way to help relieve a cough. Whether it is caused by dry air or an infection such as cold or flu, there are some things one most know so you can get the most benefit from the devices and avoid some of the dangers that can occur with their use.

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A humidifier moisturizes the air, which helps keep your mouth and throat moist and less irritated. It can also help loosen secretions in your throat and lungs, so they are easier to cough up.

Warm and Cold mist humidifier can be helpful and there are no studies that recommend one over the other. Therefore, the choice depends on the individual. But care should be taken when using warm and hit mist humidifier so as to avoid burns especially around children and pets.

Mold and Bacteria: Mold grows in moist areas, and as such humidifiers can provide a welcome environment for these organisms. They can enter one’s lung when he or she breathes in humidified air, leading to an infection. Stagnant water can harbor the growth of bacteria as well leading to many diseases. It is advisable to clean the humidifier after each use and it should be allowed to dry before re-use and storing.

Follow Manufacturer’s instruction and only use cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturer. So as to avoid lung diseases that is caused by deposits left in the humidifier by some certain disinfectants or cleaning agents. Some of these disinfectants cause shortness of breath, lung worsening symptoms and even death especially in children. That’s why you are advised to follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the use of his product.