Do girls like shy boys – Just Make A Bold Move!

Without any doubt, girls do like shy guys as they are lovable and they do feel safe with the. Shy guys will always act as a dream conversationalist as they are good listeners and not hard to talk. Girls do like guys who can listen to everything what they have to say and would avoid men who will have their own opinions all the time.

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sexy things to say to your boyfriendFor sure, most of the girls will look for shy guy whey they are in college but the situation is bit different when it comes to the workplace.  Shy guys are mysterious in nature and girls do get crushes on guys who don’t act like bold smooth talkers.

As a shy guy, you must learn the art of making most of the opportunity of setting the first impression. Girls are mostly attracted towards shy guy so if you can offer the smallest gesture, it will definitely make a huge difference especially in the case when she already likes you.


Here, we would further like to mention why these shy guys are much better than confident ones:

  1. Make Better Friends – Shy guys are best known for making better friends as they are good listeners and always pay attention to other opinions. Obviously, you just don’t want to become a friend so when you date a girl, better is to let her know your exact thoughts.
  2. Better sex buddies – In front of shy guys, girls will always like to act in a powerful way. They will enjoy drinks with a shy guy and even if you are searching for a fling thing, she will definitely like it too.
  3. Opens up later on – Most of the shy guys will open up after few conversations. Just be sure, like your first conversation you don’t sit quietly after that too. In generally, it has been observed, even shyest will start behaving in a friendly manner after few conversations, so you don’t have to worry a lot.

Apart from focusing on positive aspects, you must also consider few negative sides of a shy guy.

  1. The major issue with shy guys is that they don’t have their own stand. Most of the times these guys would like to stand on the sidelines rather than become the center point of attraction.
  2. Shy guys do try to give up the fight as they do believe they are peaceful but in reality, they don’t have a strong heart to deal with tough situations.
  3. Shy guys don’t have the confidence when other guys are around. For example, if any other guy tries to flirt with their girlfriend, they simply don’t have the enough courage to stand and show the actual place to that guy.

Shy guys do have a lot of scopes when it comes to impressing a girl but they need to focus on their negative aspects and try to remove them. Girls do like the shy guy so don’t be afraid and express your feelings to the girl whom you like most.

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