Water Pumps best Suited for your Home

sumppumpIt’s been a long time since mankind have used pumps to suck water out of the ground. Although the pumps that we use now are not the ones our grandparents refer to in their old wise tales that draws a picture of immense hard work to conjure up a single pale of water.

Life today can’t be lived like that, no sir, certainly not. As science progressed, we made electricity do all the dirty work and with just press of a button, get as much water we want for our homes.

Pumps are meant to move fluid from one place to another. That is why you need the best sump pump for your home.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and may be operated by electric motor or by a separate engine.

Now the question being, what is the best suited pump for your home given that there are so many types and options to choose from? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

First let’s go through all the factors related directly to the pump’s performance that will help you decide which type of pump you want.


The basic idea of the performance of a pump can be made by checking how powerful it is. This is measured by how many gallons of water it draws per hour from the ground and its horsepower. Second thing to consider is the material from which the pump is made.

A high performance pump is usually made by strong and sturdy materials like cast iron. The third factor is its power source. Is it run by a secondary engine or a primary motor? Most pumps that we use in our households are run by a dedicated primary motor.

The fourth and the most important factor is the Head Pressure. The head pressure is a measure of how deep vertically the pump can extract water from the ground water source. 

Well Pump Types:

There are many types of pumps that people use for their homes. Every type has its perks and cons.

The most commonly used water pump for home use is Shallow Well Jet Pump. This type of pump is installed above the ground and draws water through one inlet pipe. It is used where we have to extract water from 25 feet deep or less.

It uses a one way check valve that keeps the pump primed.

Another type is the Deep Well Jet Pump. This type of pump also sits above the ground but uses two pipes instead of one. One pipe is used to draw water and the other is used to push the water through.

This is used to extract water from depths of 110 feet or more. It’s not self-primed so some sort of priming mechanism is fitted usually with the pump to get it started.

Which Type is Ideal for my Home?

Now we have seen all the necessary information about the basic pump types, we have to choose which one is best suited for our home. This depends greatly on the ground water level in your geographical location.

If the water level isn’t that deep and is less than 25 feet below the ground then you can always go for the Shallow Well Jet Pump. It will consume lesser power which means lesser electricity bills.

If the water level is too low or deeper into the ground in your area, then go for the Deep Well Jet Pump. Using a Deep Well Jet Pump, you can get more gallons of water per hour and extract the water easily given the depth of the source. Or else go for the Shallow Well Jet Pump because its more economical and pocket friendly to operate.

Make up a pro and cons sheet to help you decide which one of these is better for you. Choose carefully and happy buying.

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